A Cure for the Common Word is for anyone from middle-school age to adult, for those who write and speak in their profession and those eager to improve their vocabulary to be more effective in what they say. With fun and minimal effort, you'll:

  • Find powerful alternatives to 100 of the most overused words in the English language

  • Break through career and academic barriers with the art of linguistic precision

  • Engage your audience as you unleash the diversity of the English language to say exactly what you mean

An ideal resource for every office, and for every
K–12 school, community college, university, and business school!

Inside A Cure for the Common Word

It's amazing to think that…

The English language consists of more than a million words.

And also amazing to know that with all those words floating around…

Experts estimate the average educated person knows about 20,000 words and uses about 2,000 in a week.

A Cure for the Common Word is for anyone eager to improve their vocabulary to be more effective in what they say.

For example, did you know that in the preceding sentence, eager is exactly the right word, rather than anxious, which many people would have used? That's because eager means "having or showing keen interest or intense desire"; whereas, anxious means "uneasy and apprehensive about an uncertain event."

Cure includes 100 of the most commonly overused words in the English language—words that often can be vague, limiting, or confusing in a sentence. To help you learn to more precisely convey your intended meaning, for each of the 100 common words, Cure includes:

  • Its definition

  • Suggested alternatives

  • A "diagnosis" of the common word

  • Sample sentences to show you how choosing specific alternatives can dramatically change the meaning of a sentence—or show only the slightest different nuance

  • And 200 classic quotes

With A Cure for the Common Word, learn the fun and satisfaction of discovering and using
exactly the right word to say precisely/exactly/perfectly/ideally/eloquently what you want to say/express/convey/write/communicate.

Click here to see a two-page sample of what's inside Cure.

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In the next five years she married, had a son, and divorced. Through a series of odd jobs, she kept looking for
her right path—and discovered she had a knack for proofreading…and for business. These discoveries led
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